Venus in Fur by David Ives

By 5th Wall Productions (other events)

6 Dates Through Apr 21, 2018

Note that the performance dates 4/13/18 and 4/14/18 have been cancelled. If you need a refund pleast email us at [email protected]

Thomas is a beleaguered playwright/director who is desperate to find an actress to play Vanda, the female lead in his adaptation of the classic sadomasochistic tale, Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Into his empty audition room walks a vulgar and equally desperate actress—oddly enough, named Vanda. Though seemingly utterly wrong for the sophisticated part, Vanda exhibits a strange command of the material, piquing Thomas' interest as she uncovers unpredictable layers, unpacks a bag full of S&M props and period costume pieces, and woos him with her seductive talents. 

As the two work through the script, they blur the line betweenplay and reality, entering into an increasingly serious game of submission and domination. Venus in Fur is a mysterious, funny, erotic drama that brings up questions of gender roles and power while alluding to mythology, art and history.

Directed by Logan Custer
Starring Wendy Hisel and Oscar Robinson
Costumes by Melissa McCallum
Sound design by Erin Slimak
Light design by Logan Foy